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Gardeners Unite Against Coronavirus

Dig for Victory 2020 launches to empower gardeners to fight isolation and build resilience to the coronavirus crisis by growing food.

Key points

  1. Dig for Victory 2020 is an empowering response to the coronavirus crisis.
  2. The campaign brings together gardeners to share their knowledge, experience and encouragement with one another.
  3. Dig for Victory 2020 is a free, not-for-profit international project launched by

Press Release

The Dig for Victory 2020 campaign website launches today as an empowering response to the coronavirus crisis. People across the world are scared, anxious and uncertain of what will happen next. addresses these concerns head on by bringing people together to focus on something they can control – their gardens.

Like the original Dig for Victory campaign of World War 2, the aim is to encourage people to help each other be more self-sufficient and pull together for the common good. This is a community response to both the health and economic implications of the virus. Participants can discuss topics relating to gardening and draw on a number of resources that will help them get started or further their gardening skills so they can grow more of their own food.

Gardeners are very kind and giving people; you don’t often meet a grumpy gardener! The website looks to connect these generous folks, so they can seek and offer both practical support and encouragement during the crisis.

Dig for Victory 2020 is a not-for-profit venture brought to you by to freely share knowledge, experience and – most importantly – friendship among gardeners of all abilities.’s Jeremy Dore explains the reasons behind the website’s launch: “Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the rapidly unfolding crisis or isolated as a result of the lockdown. But there is every reason to be hopeful as you reach out to likeminded individuals. I am confident that Dig for Victory 2020 will help us all grow through this together.”

Head to to join in the discussion, share tips and advice, or to watch and read a selection of hand-picked videos and articles chosen to help gardeners get the most from their gardens during these uncertain times.

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Notes to editors

  1. Supporting high-resolution images can be downloaded here
  2. Dig for Victory 2020 is a community project from

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